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The Full Story


OCS 69 Homecare determines to create an extremely high level of environmental friendliness and a necessity for every organisation, family and home.

We started our service journey in 2018 to help every household and organisation to find their hygiene solutions.

Our team has more than 12-year experiences in mattress deep cleaning services and help more than 13,000 families to solve their sinus, eczema, asthma, allergy suffer and indoor pollutant problem with our Germany technology.

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OCS is leading by our Managing Director who has more than 12 years experience in this deep cleaning industry.

To become a qualified hygiene consultant in OCS, we ensure our team went through as many practical trainings as possible to deliver the best services to our valued customers.

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 Our Mission

Provide every Family the most reliable home hygiene solution

 Our Vision

Create a healthier home environment for every family

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People Oriented

We respect and valued our customers and team


We are dedicated to provide quality services 

Team Work

We are strongest when we work together 


We care and prioritize the interest of our customers and team


We are trustworthy and consistent in action

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