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Your Hygiene Solution

In the 21st century many cities are growing faster and with more air pollution and dust, many people are surrounding the critical environment everyday, we don't know how much BACTERIA and DUST are hiding in our mattress, sofa, fabric, carpets, and etc. With the rise of health awareness nowadays, a lot of families started concerning not only the healthy food and lifestyles now even in their living quality. Don't worry! Ocean Cleaning Services is your Savior, we are your best hygiene solution. 


Single: RM 100.00

Queen: RM 120.00 

King: RM 150.00 


1 seater - RM 80.00

2 seaters - RM 100.00

3 seaters - RM 150.00

L Shape  - RM 200.00

Carpet / Rug

RM30.00 per square meter

2 seaters - RM 80

Whole set sofa - RM 150


RM50.00 per panel 


RM 100.00 per room 

Air Cleaning

Rm50.00 per bedroom 

Deep Cleaning Services

Effectively remove dust mites, dust particles & pollutants by using high vibration method. (Effectively remove dust mites, dust particles & pollutants by using high vibration method)

Professional charge at RM 210.00  

RM25 per square meter

Shampoo Cleaning Services

It also call stains removal cleaning, we use shampoo to deep clean the stain. Oil, grease and soot are dislodged more quickly and can be removed easily

From RM400 per item

Hot Steaming Services

While hot steaming is using the machine that release steam to kill germs and bacteria on the furniture.

From RM 200 per service 

Hourly Cleaning Services

We are committed to providing high-quality cleaning services to our clients. Our cleaners are well trained and skilful in cleaning your house in a tidy manner to ensure a better environment for your family.


RM 200 per service 

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